Heathkit VTVM

A while ago a friend of mine saw this bring pitched away in back of a goods recycling place (sorry we can’t accept electronics).

It’s a late fifties Heathkit VTVM (Vacuum Tube Volt Meter).
I’d been on the lookout on and off for one for a while, so of course, this was a welcome surprise. It was very dirty- pictured above I’d already cleaned it and polished the face.

The board had flexed with age and some of the traces had come off. Soldered the traces back up and glued them back down onto the board. Pictured here, setting the pilot light back onto the board.

Inside wasn’t too bad really. Gave it a rudimentary clean-up.

Powered up, this is all it would do. Pegged to one end of the scale.

Found a few resistors that had gone high value with age. Shotgunned the lot, and was greeted by a nice zero. But, that’s all it’d do.

Dug about a little more and found a cold solder joint on the amplifier tube. Tubes run warm.. so, gratuitous vacuum tube shot:

With that done, it was tested using a 9V PP3 battery. Right on the money.

Buttoned it up and bought some new leads for it. Nice working meter now. Not bad for half a century old.

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