Much more brakes



Weather today was nice enough and I had the day off so I set up on the ramps and pulled my brakes to bits.

pot of gold

Old stuff to come out wasn’t horrible but I’ve certainly seen better.

master cylinder

New master cylinder.

clean fluid

New fluid. Certainly better than the old. Tried vacuum bleeding the system but ended up with an infinite supply of bubbles and not much fluid so called SWMBO in to shove on the pedal a bit.

Net result is brakes, but I did notice that the back section of the reservoir would never empty when bleeding, only the front. Pedal is better and the brakes are fairly sharp but now it feels like you hit the sliding shuttle inside the master cylinder and it’ll go no further. I think the bias valve is stuck one way and only working the system on half of the, er, system. The other half of the system then just making pressure against the valve and it going nowhere.

I’ll have to get a split-O 12mm to try and get that undone- 6 pipes that have never been undone that are steel into aluminium. That bodes.

I might try and source a replacement first.. not sure if it’s a Bendix part or Renault or none of the above.

Square one. I hate brakes.

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