1866 for 6100

I bought a new set of #1866 bulbs for the McIntosh, as most of them had burned that illuminated the front panel.

panel off

The old foam surround going around the buttons had dried out and was turning to dust.


Too the vacuum cleaner to it, it all just disintegrated and fell off.


That left just the original sticky backing, which peeled off.


A new length of foam that I’d bought for things like this came into play.

new foam

Created a new surround for the buttons following the original pattern.


The original bulbs run quite hot. The speaker ones were not even brightness, so I fought for half an hour getting them out.


All buttoned up, new bulbs fitted. I think once I get a new face for it, the incandescents will be replaced by LED equivalents. This is mostly just a hold-over because it was annoying me not being lit up.

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