Reel to bits.

Continuing on with the Teac. Took a look at how it’s assembled.

flywheel off

Removed the flywheel and clamp plate.

pink screwdriver

Had a bit of a fight getting in at the right angle with enough torque (ended up with a small wrench on a drill-driver bit) to undo the solenoid finger-bar.

dry grease

With a bit of a fight, wiggling and swearing the lever arm came free, showing the culprit. 40-year old dry grease.


With a suitable solvent on a Q-Tip, the old grease was removed. A rag on the shaft got the rest.


Choice of lubricant for this task, regular grease.


All mating surfaces given a light coat of grease before reassembly.

broken bit of switch

There are a pair of microswitches operated by a cam, attached to the tape-run lever on the front. When I undid one screw to move the switches out of the way, this piece of the lower switch fell away. Someone in the past has over-tightened the screw.


Out with the superglue. Glued the corner back on, waiting for it to set right now before continuing.

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