Reel to Reel

Collected a nice Teac A-2300S reel to reel deck yesterday. Cosmetically very good, needing a bit of TLC to get working again.


Started by seeing how the paint would respond to a bit of a scrub, as it was all bit dusty.

head cover

The cover over the heads came up nicely after a quick scrub with a bit of soap.

tape path

The tape path is filthy with oxide. Started cleaning it up with tape head cleaner and Q-Tips.

back off

Popped the back off. All pretty good inside, the main capstan motor was stuck but after a quick spin by hand now rotates freely. You can see the original NEMA-1 power connector on the back that I didn’t have the cord for. It’s bit outdated now and hard to find correct cords for. Decided to change it out.


Nice new IEC connector from a dead computer PSU. Came with a nice Y1 type safety cap and an RF choke. Left that all in the circuit, connected the hot to the fuse and the N to the power board, and ran the ground to the back panel. Nice that it’s now grounded.

first run

Brought it gently up on the Variac. Both needles gave a bit of a wobble as the circuits charged up.


Set it to fast forward.. it all spins up properly.


Gave the back panel a bit of a scrub also, it was dusty.

motor bearing

The capstan pinch roller had jammed solid, which also moves the tape pressure pins. In short, this machine, as it stands, would move the tape but never play.
Took the back bearing plate off and tried dripping some solvent onto the bearing arm.


Unfortunately it’s a very tight fit and I think it’ll be futile attempting that method. It needs the arm taken off the bearing, the bearing cleaning of the old grease thoroughly and some new grease applied. That’ll necessitate removal of the capstan flywheel to get at the mechanism.

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