Stereo stuff and lights

Back to the Pioneer QX-747. I’d always been disappointed with the reception on the set. I had managed to tweak the AM reception, which is greatly improved now; the FM requires a plastic hexagonal tool to adjust the coil slugs.

Ordered a set of plastic tools, got them in. There’s a number of strong and some marginal stations locally, and one or to that have really picky stereo subcarrier signals, so a tweak here and there and I’m pulling in probably close to 20 stations. Happy with it now, adjusting by ear. Need to get a distortion meter ideally to get it set up fully and peaked, but right now it doesn’t pop, crackle or overdrive so it’ll be alright for the time being.

Trimming RF coil 2

Decided to set about redoing the indicator lights with LED’s, as the colors are still rich on the front gel. The holders are this funny rubber stuff which is going gooey due to the heat mostly. Pulled the lights out as best as I could and took apart the holders to rebuild them for LED’s.


Decided to twist the wires on rather than solder so as not to damage the insulation.

trimmed and tucked

Trimmed the legs and tucked the wires in.

rubber bungy

Added the rubber holster

metal can

Finally slotted it into the metal can.


Added appropriate resistance. You can see the IR coming up through the board from the scale lights- the camera picking it up as purple.

Finally, together. the speaker option lights are now the correct light green, the mode lights a nice deep green.

lit up

Camera eats the colors unfortunately but it does look nice.

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