Core plugs

The car was running ok until it began to lose coolant. Started to investigate, discovered that the back of the engine had sprung a leak. Sure enough, the core plugs had begun to weep and adding the new coolant tank meant that the system held pressure and then pushed through the plugs.

tbi off

Started taking the engine to bits. Stripped the TBI off.

manifold off

After a battle with it, managed to get the manifold off. Note to self: remove the EGR valve first.


First inspection, they don’t look too great.


After bashing with a screwdriver, there wasn’t much left of the back of this one.

on ramps

Gave up, hot, tired and being eaten alive by bugs.


Came back to it the following afternoon and measured the hole. The plugs I bought were 45mm, upon checking that was the size they were supposed to be. These are 38mm.


Finally liberated the first one. It was just held in by rust.

old, new

New plug that I bought at AutoZone (1.512″) against the remnants of the middle one.


Decided to see if I could get another one to shift. Gave it a bash in the center with the hammer. All that happened was the back popped out.


Grabbed an impact socket of the right size and began hitting the thing in with the hammer. It drove home nicely, with just a small amount of RTV sealant to seal and lubricate.

more plugs

Called it a night and came back to it after having found 2 more 1.5″ core plugs at two local branches of Napa Auto Parts.

drive it home

Judicious application of hammer was successful again, this time round the other 2 plugs came out relatively easily.


All in. Much shiny.

not much good

This is all that’s left of the old ones.


Started up after checking everything wasn’t leaking. Steamy, cool day (for a change).

bled radiator

Once the thermostat opened, the radiator bled itself.


Cycled itself round nicely, tank up to MAX, this one you can actually see the level.


Run up to temperature, checked. All good. Doing well!

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