More loudspeakers

Bulk post right now. I’d ordered some more capacitors to redo the speakers. Previously I’d been somewhat disheartened with the sound quality, and was in two minds whether to keep them or not.

One corner of one has seen some water damage, from source unknown. Put a flat edge against it and glued it back down.

ruler and glue

Mostly stuck down well, which is good. Just left the finish all kinda nasty where the lacquer and stain had come off.

moisture damage

Ordered some new Nichicon 50V bipolar capacitors to replace the (probably original) Rubycons.


The sound difference was striking. At this point I decided to keep the speakers.


Tidied up and pushed the speakers into place. Bought some wire to hook the speakers up properly all around the room. Been listening to some SQ recordings, Pink Floyd seemed to use the quad for effect, listened to some Billy Joel where it was more akin to being in the studio where it was recorded, a natural surround sound.

bad cloth

I’d been avoiding the grille that got wet. The cloth was horrible and the grille had swollen and split open.


Started by removing the staples. Sharpened screwdriver is a useful tool.


Then, with the same tool, split the cloth from the wood by pushing the glue away.


Yup, pretty nasty. You can’t easily get to that side of the cloth when it’s fixed to the grille.


There’s a fair bit of contrast between the front and the back. Mostly just dirt.

sans cloth

Without the grille cloth the grilles look a bit odd, these don’t really suit being able to see the innards of the speakers.


Took a brush and some stain remover, and put the cloth in the bathtub.


Needless to say, it was pretty filthy.


Dried it out a bit with the hairdryer on cool so not as to shrink it too badly.


Quite an improvement, however the staining is still there and the stitching is faded in places.

turkey pan

Mixed up some cool water and laundry detergent in a turkey pan and left it soak overnight.


Under bright light, submerged in water, the color of the back of the cloth shows through nicely. Black and bottle green. Sadly, the cloth fell apart when it was rinsed. I’ve ordered some that looks similar but is black and tan- shall try dyeing it to achieve a bottle green and black.

broken open

The bottom rail of the grille was split off where the grille had expanded and pushed it open.

glue again

Out with the glue again.

strapped up

Got it all strapped up with elastic bungies and ratchet straps. That should stay and hold overnight until the glue sets. I can then begin sanding things down. I have sandpaper and such, new wood stain. I think I’m going to go for an oiled finish on these rather than lacquered.

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