With the introduction of a quadraphonic hi-fi in the living room, I required a couple more loudspeakers to make it be the requisite 4.

Took a look in the local small ads and ended up buying a set of 1968 Sansui SP-200’s. Big old beasts, a little beaten up but overall in fairly good shape.


They need completely stripping back and refinishing really- the finish is good but a bit beaten up.


The heat did make the oil haze, so that’ll need to be redone, but I did manage to steam the worst of the dents out.

Depending on how deep the finish is, it might just take a rub-down and re-oil; if not they’ll be rubbed back thoroughly and re-stained to match the cabinetry in the living room.

grille off

The drivers are ok, the grilles are a bit worse for wear- that’s going to be fun to repair- and they need a recap, which will be a fairly inexpensive venture.
Looking at it, the grille cloths will either need replacing, or at the very least, un-stapling and given a thorough clean.


The interior is in good shape, which is promising, and the capacitors, although slightly odd values by today’s standards, should be easy to replace, and the switch again should be easy to clean up.

crossover board

More to follow.

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