Bushings, swaybar.

The car had been getting progressively more noisy over asymmetrical bumps. Last time it was up on ramps I had noted that the swaybar to frame bushings had seen better days. Ordered myself some more and they arrived in this afternoon.

New bushings

Pretty simple stuff, with some sort of odd, low friction woven stuff inside. Put the car up on ramps this evening.

old bushing

Not much of the old bushing still there. Undoing and cleaning up the bracket showed where there has been metal on metal contact for a while. Whoever decided not to have captive nuts here needs to be reprimanded, as you cannot get a wrench in on the nut.


The bushing on the passenger side was in slightly better shape, but still pretty abysmal.

rhs bushing

Decided to just drop the entire bar down.

swaybar removed

This is all that was left of the left hand side bushing. It appears gearbox oil had done a number on the rubber.


Cleaned up the grime. Yup, there’s been some metal-on-metal contact on the bracket’s base also.

rattle rattle

Slid the new bushings on.

new bushing

Got them all clamped back up.

all done

Needless to say the suspension feels tighter, there is a complete absence of thumps and bangs from the front end, and it’s generally more pleasant to drive. Win.

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