Trunk cleaning

Unbolted and lifted off the trunk lid again as it’s a nice day.

Started out the same as yesterday but took the advice of the container’s labeling after and soaked paper towels in the solution, covering it with clingfilm and securing that with magnets.

Put the securing bar’s thread, the nut and the plate that holds the spare wheel into the back of the car into solution also.

Also put some onto the spare wheel because it’s kinda rusty also.

Made a start with some 409 and a toothbrush whilst that’s sitting working.

Scrub scrub scrub scrub! The seam sealer is all wrinkly and has collected grime over the years.

After a couple hours, everything’s looking very clean. Well, apart from where the paint’s gone through. That’s next up, get rid of the surface rust and get a bit of paint inside there.

Certainly better than it was. Slow process, but worth it, as it’s always looked kinda dirty in there. With the carpet back in it should be good. I’m tempted to cut a piece of hardboard to fit under the carpet.

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