More bodywork

Seeing as nice day + day off and the aircon place is shut today, I made a start on a few things I’d been planning on doing.

I took the spoiler off the back of the car and also removed the decklid.

bootlid off car

Overall it’s not bad, just the lower lip where the inside and outside sections are folded over on each other and spot-welded. That section is a water trap and as such, has gone rusty.

lid against house

I have some rust converter (which I’ve used before to great effect) and carefully propping the lid against the house meant it formed a gently curving channel along the lip.


Poured the stuff in and it’s just sitting there in the warm sun.. topping it up occasionally as it evaporates.


Whilst that’s working, I made a start on the window panel I rubbed down yesterday.
Set up in the professional spray-booth..

spray booth

Starting with primer, applying light coats, allowing it to dry each time in the sun

priming pt1

..until it had a thorough coat. Left that to set until I could touch it (about ten minutes).

priming pt2

Once that was dry, satin black. Again, light coats.

black paint now

Nice thick coat, made up from many layers. Not too much dust either.

painted black

Left that to dry in the sun, setting the box down to a more stable position.

paint drying

Inbetween times, the fittings on the back of the car were missing. I had a couple of broken lugs from the old back plastic that needed to come off. Boiled some water and set them into it to soften the plastic up some as it’s really really brittle.


After a short soak, gently twisting pliers between the lug and the peg liberated the lugs.


These then fit in the holes in the car where they were missing.

lugs fitted

That allowed a trial fit. Looks good. Needs to be rubbed down and another coat applied but that’ll do for now.

fitted trial

Waiting on the rust converter now.. slower than waiting for paint to dry.

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