Oily bits and pipe

Decided to inspect a few things tonight.

First was the spark plugs, as they can tell you a fair bit about the running of the engine.

spark plug

Pretty good.. 300 miles and it’s just beginning to get a coating of pale brown deposits. That’ll work.


The spark plug seats were full of muck, in this engine’s design.. the plugs sit almost vertical in a small well that collects oil and dirt.

Noticed that the hot air intake had broken and come off the exhaust.

fusty pipe

Turned the pipe around and put the least shafted end onto the exhaust and managed to clamp the broken end onto the airbox. Running on warm air in the cold has improved the response of the engine at least.

switched pipe

Lifted the air filter lid and the PCV system is burping water everywhere.. seems the recent cool damp weather has caused moisture to pool and accumulate. I think a nice long run somewhere should boil all that off. Short runs don’t do it any good and turn the oil into mayonnaise.

gurgle spatter

Oil still looks clean and there’s no sign of emulsified oil in the top of the engine so that’s good.

Took it for a spin earlier and drove it hard for a couple runs up to about 70.. fifth is easy to miss and get third (not good) but the high speed running with the engine up to temperature appears to have burped the last of the air out of the system and the temperature doesn’t rise/fall/rise/fall any more. Apparently a common problem on these.

Finally spent a little while trying to see if I could get anything more sensible data-wise out of the Snap-On scanner I have.. the protocol differs from vehicle to vehicle but the core is the same. I think I’ll try strip the last of the sensible code and go from there.

It’s just too dark this time of year after work.

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