Speedometers and windshield wipers

After putting the GTA back on the road, I’ve been working through some of the gremlins the car has.

One is the speedometer drive had started to squeal above about 30mph. The other was the windshield wipers were very… erratic and slow.

Weather held this morning (despite being 75F compared to yesterday at the same time 34F) so I made a start on pulling the dash apart.

dashboard begin

Starting with the dash in one piece, first off we remove the steering wheel.

steering wheel off

Take out all the screws


Then remember the entire cowl has to come off

cowl off

Starting to accumulate a pile of bits..


Then the dash surround comes out

surround out

Pulling the gauges out shows that the holder has become seperated from the cable. The cable should not be visible..


Apply a little oil to both the speedometer and the cable.. and set it back down as best as I can. I think maybe it needs some sort of support sleeve but there’s not much space to do that in.

speedometer drive

With that done as best I can and a few other bits gluing, attention turned to the windshield wiper mechanism. Recent rain demonstrated that the wipers suck. One moved independently of the other and they were very very slow.

wiper mechanism broken

Took a look under the scuttle at the wiper mechanism. There’s a motor with a reduction gearbox that turns the spindle, and the wipers are attached to the spindle and move in a reciprocating motion from it. However, some plank has put the plastic on backwards, it’s broken and the left side rod isn’t held on by anything and has been chewing up the plastic spindle.


At this point it is regarded that I have been working enough to get dirty.

left rod spindle bush

Took a look at the bushings. This one was solidly attached to the ball socket. That’s half of the problem, it’s all rusted up and nasty.

drive spindle

The lower ball was what it was attached to and is supposed to rotate freely on. It was also installed upside down.

greased socket

greased spindle

Cleaned up and greased the sockets and spindles.

clean bush

Cleaned the plastic bushing out as best I could.


Straightened the linkage out to how it’s meant to be, cleaned the sockets and greased them up


Clicked the sockets back onto the spindles with channel-lock pliers

much better

Much better. The two bushings hold each other together and rotate around properly now.

that's all

Left the dash out for now as hopefully I have a pair of speakers arriving tomorrow, and access is 1000% times easier on this side at least, with all that removed.

More to follow

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