Delco Model 984592 Car Radio – Part Three

Bluetooth board

I finished wrapping up the internals of the radio. I had needed to build a standoff for the Bluetooth board and went looking for something suitable to make some legs from. I ended up going to the hardware store, where a bit of innovation led to the purchase of 4 nylon pipe joiners and some screws that fit into them well, with a coarse thread.

Rear of radio

I drilled some holes in the case and mounted the board in place (bottom right). I wired it in and tested it, successful connection from across the room even with the case fully assembled. I’m guessing the high frequency Bluetooth radio can traverse the cooling holes. If not, I was going to get an external antenna for it.

Radio installed

I went and test-fitted the radio to the car (not an easy task, a few things need to be undone and moved aside for it to fit) which works nicely. I peaked the input cap to the antenna (which goes up and down when the radio is switched on and off) and tested the Bluetooth.

Small blip in the editing was just me cutting 6 seconds of awkward silence as my old phone decided to be slow to pair to the Bluetooth in the radio. I’m still tempted to add a little something else to it. We’ll see. I need to change the buffer capacitor on the rectifier before it sees any serious use but overall, that’s done and ready to go.

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