Monthly Archives: June 2020

Standard SR-H105L transistor radio

My father received this radio from his father in 1961 shortly before being shipped to Africa in the RAF. It had seen a lot of use and over the years had fell silent. It was brought along the last time my parents came to visit, and I started work on it recently.

It had seen a lot of travel. It was filthy and full of dents. First task was to disassemble, remove dents and clean the front grille.

Being aluminum, the dents were fairly easy to massage out. A quick soak in the ultrasonic bath saw all the nooks and crannies clean.

Inside, it received a good clean. Looking at the witness paint nobody had been inside it ever to perform any kind of work- that tallied with what I remembered, it was just boxed up when it stopped working.

I cleaned the dirt out of the tuning circuit, repaired one of the capacitor fins that had a twist, causing it to touch its’ neighbor when tuned more than halfway up the scale which made the circuit go completely silent at that point.

A small bit of alignment adjustment made a very faint radio station come in- a good sign, indicating the set itself was almost operational.

A lot of the resistors had “gone high”, that is their resistance was significantly more than it should have been. This is common to components that have been exposed to heat and humidity for extended periods. This set had certainly experienced that. The replacements are high stability 1% metal film, resin cased which should last a long time. The capacitors were replaced with like-for-like components which brought the set back to life.

After alignment, the set works again as it should. There, picking up Cuba and Mexico on shortwave.

Delco Model 984592 Car Radio – Part Four

I finished wrapping up the last of the items I had on the to-do list for this radio.

I bought a Sprague “Orange Drop” 0.0068uF 1600V capacitor, and upgraded the 15kOhm resistor to one capable of 2 Watts power dissipation.

I decided to paint the front up in the same silver as the rest of the chassis, so a visit to the hardware store saw a can of “cap denotes color” spray paint- a dull military silver. Spraying it resulted in a bright aluminum finish! Not common. So, I drew an outline around the loudspeaker on card, cut that out and painted the area the speaker occupies black, as per original.

I then used some foam rubber I had to make a funnel like it would have originally had. On top of that, I fitted the Front/Front+Rear/Rear loudspeaker selector switch that came with the other radio once I discovered where it attached to the radio. That has now given the option to install another loudspeaker in the car (potentially in the back, or another one with higher fidelity characteristics).