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Bearing, gaiters etc.

I recently retrieved the hub carrier from the local garage who I had employed to change the bearing.

new bearing

Looks like they’d had trouble with the old one, and they’d had to heat it up, there’s signs of bluing.


I had begun by trying to remove the old boot from the outer CV joint, as it had split.


It sure came loose easily enough but that was about as far as I could get.


The insides of the tripod looked okay, just lacking grease and feeling a little slack as a result.

bagged up

I did some research and discovered that taking the thing apart is not easy, and replacement of the CV boot requires removal of the entire driveshaft. That involves removing the gearbox end, which, on this side has a gaiter that holds all the gearbox oil in.


Cracked the gaiter off… and immediately began to catch oil.


Glad I emptied it out and put fresh because the oil needed flushing out. I had changed the oil when I got the car but a few miles on and it’s a bit twinkly.


Drained down enough and there’s the driveshaft removed, that’s the differential there.


Out and under inspection.


A bit of cardboard origami allowed a suitable catchment vessel to be employed.


Used a drift after undoing the circlip holding the differential tripod in place to remove the tripod.


Shaft all broken down as far as it was going to be.


Utilizing the unofficial paper roll holder to keep things clean.

tripod in gas

Rinsed all the old oil and dirt out of the tripod.

hot rubber

Put the kettle on and put the rubber gaiter in water to heat it up so it’d stretch.

rubber gaiter on

Managed to squeeze the gaiter over the bearing which was hard work.


Because I had the hot water on, decided to take a break with a cup of tea.


Managed to get the wide end on and all clamped down.

gearbox tripod

Managed to get the gearbox end on and clamped to the bearing. Drove the tripod back onto the splines and put the circlip back on.


Put the shaft in and got it tightened it down. Put the hub carrier on.

together more

Got the strut in after a big fight with it. Tightened it all down with the torque wrench as per the manual.


Got it all set down and tightened the axle nut up (155 lb/ft!).

filler plug

This is the access provided for the gearbox oil filler nut.

fill up

Filled the gearbox back up.


Took it for a quick drive and it’s all good on that side. Gotta do the boot on the other side next.

More VU meters

I decided to work on the everyday QX-747 with the intention of sorting out the VU meters. The things hadn’t ever sat on zero since I got it, and that irked me.

not zero

So, off came the front.

in bits

Was also able to clean up the insides of the front panel, there was a lot of white rubber dust from when I did the lights. With the VU meter assembly in bits, I took my soldering iron and heated the glue up. The adjustment on the hair springs identical to that on a wristwatch. Moved the adjustment levers and tried it out.. got them either on or very near to zero.



Bottom left bulb is very black inside, and quite dim as a result. Might get LED’s for it once they all burn out.

VU meters

I decided to see how the VU meter on the front of my hi-fi comes apart today. I started on the second QX-747 because the meters on it weren’t too bad.


Pulled the lid and front panel off. Prised the green scale out.


Prised the shadow board out.


That left me with a big old bucket with some silver bits in. That’s not the way in, then. Not all lost, the shadow board was a bit grimy on the back so that was cleaned up with a soft cloth.

fixing screw

There’s a big fixing screw hidden in the back. Undid it carefully after pulling the entire meter assembly out.


That let the front come off and showed the movements. Small silver pieces attached to moving-coil motors. You can see how they rotate there and let the light shine through the small aperture towards the shadow board.


Tiny little hair springs.

dirty bulbs

Removed the light board from the back. The bulbs were grimy.

bulbs lit

They did all work so set about cleaning them with Q-Tips.


There was quite a lot of dirt stuck to the bulbs. Not sure what all of it was, perhaps the remnants of old colored filters.

clear glass

Glass came up clean and clear.

fiddly screws

Reassembled the fiddly screws that I managed to drop several times into the case.


Brightness of each is good and even, the idle position of the lights leaves a little to be desired but the adjustment levers (same as you find in a wristwatch) are glued. I might try heating the glue up with an iron to see if it softens on the other set.


They all move nicely though, brightly lit.

front panel

Looks okay with the smoked plastic of the front panel to add a bit more contrast. Shall do the other set now I know how to take it all apart.

Nearside front wheel bearing

Bearings have become noisy recently. I never changed this side. Jacked up and running it sounds rough.

jacked up

Put the car up on stands and began pulling things apart.


Clamped the suspension up and pulled it all apart.


All in bits. Need to replace the CV boot also.

carrier bearing

Going to bring this to a local engineering place to get the hub pressed out, the bearing removed and the old bearing removed, then a new replacement put in.

It plays!

Box of tapes arrived. Got set up, fed the tape through. Looping it into the spool is an art I’m not very good at! Wound the tape forward and backward to make sure it wasn’t disintegrating.. it’s been played fairly recently.


Result, it plays. Not half badly, either. It’ll improve with recapping. Enjoying Benny Goodman right now. I’m happy.