Monthly Archives: November 2015

Rusty threads

After a year of motoring and some other fun things, an unpleasant bearing-esque howl was emanating form somewhere in the drive-line in the car.

Still a little unsure of the source because I’ve not been able to isolate it, but one of the CV boots decided to split and the bearing is now full of gravel and dirt.

Decided to rebuild the original drive shaft that I pulled off. It’s been sat outside and is a little rusty.


So, it’s gone into some derusting solution outside the front door. It’s sat in the sunshine, let’s see how it gets to looking.

sitting in a jug

More later.

Been taking up a bunch of time lately

Fun times with decorating the late grandmother in law’s house recently. It’s up for sale, and as such needed sprucing up a little.

Been attacking it with paint, mostly.

Master bedroom

Second bedroom

Third bedroom


Living room



Still a bunch to do.. but fun with getting everything recommissioned- digging up for new water line in ground that’s mostly gravel, shells and tree roots in July, fitting ductwork for the gas fired tumble dryer, fixing the electrics and so, so much cleaning.

Getting there. Slowly.