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More gears and other things.

Been busy lately, various issues with the car leaving it unable to be driven. The rubber bushing that held up the gearshift lever fell to bits, the lever fell through the floor and left me with either no gears or gears that were difficult to locate and engage due to the geometry of the linkage being all wrong.

linkage up
It shouldn’t come this far up.

linkage down
It shouldn’t go that far down!

In fact, it shouldn’t have any up and down movement at all. There used to be a large rubber ball where that black rubber section was (which in turn fell off) that acted as a pivot.
Long story short, I did a bit of research. The parts do not seem to be available from Renault, despite it being a common failure. There was a guy in Europe who had developed a metal outer bushing that fitted a polyurethane inner joint, but he had made a few prototypes and seemingly not done any more with it. I cast the net a bit further afield and found a company in China who was selling a short-shifter kit to fit the 5, the 19 and a few other cars with the JB series gearbox and linkage. Bought that. Cue 2 weeks of shipping:

Short shifter kit

Nicely made, looks to be an Italian design. Not many pictures of the process but there were a lot of circlips and drilling of old rivets and grease and reaming of nylon bushings. However, it fit:

Underneath of shifter

It needed a bit of adjustment because 2nd and 4th were inaccessible.

adjusted linkage

The kit did come with a shorter linkage for the gearbox end, but experimentation showed it didn’t have enough leverage and the bore was not machined accurately enough to allow selection of all the gears, so the original one went back in. The pivot on the gearbox end was also very slack, so that was removed and padded with half an o-ring. It’s now tight against the circlip.

gearbox end

Looks good now, with the only downside being that the metal shifter knob gets very very hot in the sunshine.


Moved on to another issue, that of the charging system. The regulator in the alternator was going out, the bearing was getting noisy so I bit the bullet and bought a rebuilt alternator from AC Delco.
Began taking everything apart.

diassembly alternator

Ended up having to take everything to bits.

aircon out

Glad I did, because the power steering pump had been losing fluid. I had replaced the hose clamp when I put the engine back in but I did not tighten it up.

loose clamp

Tightened that up properly, refitted it all and started up.

new alternator

All good here, no squeaks and/or rattles.

stable volts

Voltmeter is stable, car is driveable. All good!