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Recently picked this beast up- neighbors had decided to junk it.

It’s an X-Treme Scooters X-360. 36V with a top speed of about 15-20 mph, 15-20 mile range. It did have the keys, but my nephew is light-fingered and has a fetish for keys, so those went missing. New lockset and keyswitch required.
It needs new batteries (the ones in it are stamped 2003) and the controller module appears to have burned up. Needs a couple new tyres because it looks like it’s been sat in gasoline and the tyres have swollen up like a prize boxer’s face.

Might try fix the controller, but a completely brand new one is $49. Typically the batteries are going to be about $70 also. It’s not on the high-priority list right now, but it should be fun to tool about on.