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Whilst back at home, I pulled the lawnmowers out of the garden shed.


First up, an old Folbate push-along reel mower. I had cleaned up and oiled this nearly ten years ago, stuck it back in the shed.. took it out, dusted it down a little and gave it a shove. It span up beautifully and cut the grass. Surprising! Still good. It went back in the shed because manual labor sucks.

Instead, we have my old contraption of a lawnmower.

Suffolk 1

suffolk 2

It’s a Suffolk Punch. Motorized reel mower. Circa 1958, it’s a bit of a Frankenstein but still in perfect working order. 75cc side-valve upright horizontal crank engine (which had new rings and a basic rebuild before I left) and a heavy roller at the back, with a trigger-activated belt driven system to send it going.

My father had attempted to tune the carburetor after many hours of use had seen it badly out of adjustment. It was.. er, running, but not that well. Beautiful carburetors on these, Zenith updraught. 1/2″ carb, with idle speed, idle and main mix settings easily adjustable.

Cleaned the carb out, set it all back up again (by ear, that’s good with these) so the idle mix was correct, and it idled happily at about 400 rpm. Revs up without hesitation and needs a little choke to get going from cold. Just right. Fires on the first pull now.

Also, with a heavy roller, the tradition of a striped English lawn can be fulfilled:

striped grass

Doesn’t do a bad job when it’s all back in adjustment.